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09 Oct 2022

An interview with Nakai San on Tools What are the tools you use most often in repair? Various tools frequently various, it’s a very difficult question isn’t it?   In particular, what kind of tools do you use ? Yes, I use most of the tools.  Is it on the market when you want some tools? I feel like using something that…
29 Mar 2022

Akira Nakai (Nakai San)

[caption id="attachment_3144" align="alignnone" width="834"] Akira Nakai Interview by OSK[/caption]Founder of RWB (Rough-Welt Begeriff) Q: Tell me about RWB in other people’s eyes? A: Everyone has their own opinions, as long as there are people talking about my build and taking or sharing RWB, then it’s good. But even if only 1 out 100 were to…